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Available October 1st, 2024

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The Ordeal of Anxiety, Pills, and an Unknown Movement Disorder
A Memoir

with Artwork by the author

by: Lenny Gallo

Advance Praise:

“Reading a memoir is to peer into the unknown of someone’s life and see that person in a completely different light. Writing a memoir is to pull back the curtain with the hope you can change or touch a reader with your own experiences. Therapist and author Lenny Gallo has done that in a moving and entertaining way using incredible stories of his journey along with his striking art: a creative outlet and an exquisite extension of storytelling. Highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever questioned their own mental health, considered taking medication, and who needs to see they are not alone.” 

Lenny Gallo's book, Unstill, dives deep into how torturous akathisia and medication-induced movement disorders can be for an individual. With Lenny's artistic abilities and descriptiveness, he will indeed pull the reader into real-life scenarios while he takes you on his journey of persistence. Highly recommended—this is an important memoir to anyone currently questioning their mental health.


Treatment for anxiety all too often includes medication—but at what cost to the patient? After struggling with a lifetime of clinical anxiety, author and artist Lenny Gallo was confronted with the decision to try medication to help manage his symptoms. The medication did not work as expected and caused a misunderstood and often misdiagnosed movement disorder. This book reflects his journey to find the answers that redirected the course of his life.


Lenny’s artwork is intertwined throughout the story. His unique paintings chronicled his distress and provided insight into his world of suffering from a rare disorder with no answers available. This cautionary tale explores the author’s anxiety-ridden early life; the relationship between patients and doctors, mental health medications and their side effects, and examines the mental health profession from the perspective of both patient and practitioner.


Dramatically and beautifully told through witty and heartbreaking narrative, Unstill explores what it meant for the author to face his demons.

More details to be anounced soon . . .

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