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Artist Statement

Concept and experimentation are two themes that span across the body of my work. Although I have always enjoyed exploring and working in multiple mediums, painting has always been my passion and the medium where I feel most genuine with my art. My process as an artist is to first start off with a concept. I let the concept dictate the style and techniques with which to best execute a piece or series. I experiment and explore with multiple techniques and styles until I can find the one best suited to express and create the most appealing composition.


All my artwork references notable personal experiences in my life. Whether I’m exploring a concept like gender and sexuality, color schemes, movement disorders, or the human figure in its various forms, a consistent theme of referencing personal life experiences has always been at the root of everything I create. I invite the audience to look at these moments; sometimes to challenge and evoke thought, and other times to cultivate a shared understanding with the viewer.


I used to question whether I had a voice as an artist and have often beaten myself up for not having a specific “style.”  I now have come to appreciate and embrace that part of myself, because I am not done growing as an artist. My artwork will continuously change and evolve as I grow as an individual. Two things will always remain, however, concept and experimentation.


Lenny Gallo has been creating art since he was 7 years old. He first received his formal training in high school at Lane Technical Institute, and later, through NYC’s Art Students League, where he is still active. His work has been displayed at numerous venues throughout the country including Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, for their All-City Art Expo, and a joint exhibition entitled “She Said…” with another artist friend at the former Chase Café in Chicago. Lenny had the honor of working with Art-o-mat, an organization that dispenses art through repurposed cigarette vending machines worldwide, where he got to exhibit his concept, 21st Century Cave Art. Most recently, he had was selected for The April Group Show at the Jones Gallery in Kansas City, MO, where he was able to showcase one of his Male Back Poses and Female StudiesIn addition to being an artist, Lenny went to Fordham University in NYC to obtain his MSW and he now works as a talk therapist. 

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